Samaja Spa – Your Holiday Relaxation Moment

This is how we use describe Samaja Spa vision in delivering service to our customer. From fume of burning oil essence choice of Samaja Spa Signature will take you to another level relaxation while you were entering the spa.

Include all the things that make Samaja Spa business unique and better than the competition is our sincere and willing to serve our customer. Samaja Spa are are spa for everyone – either you a Honey Mooner Couple or you just want to enjoy your self after a long day flight to reach Seminyak Bali or probably just need relaxation after long tour and stuck in Bali traffic.

Samaja Spa are established of 2 Unit Couple Spa Rooms  and 1 Unit Single Spa Rooms. Couple therapy spa room are design compaq to accommodate  2 therapy bed for your relaxation time. 1 Unit therapy rooms are design more spacious for your relaxation treatment. Both of the therapy rooms type are located on second floor with air conditioning and hot water facility for after therapy bath.

Other thing to make the extra mile Samaja Spa offer you transfer arrangement after your relaxation and returning back to your Hotel. Samaja Spa are available with standard vehicle and driver to accommodate your transfer requirement.